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If you are using a Hotmail account. And looking to contact HOTMAIL CUSTOMER CARE AUSTRALIA. Then you can chat with Microsoft online. And get frustrated and useless support which will never get your problem fixed. Plus will waste your valuable time. However, if you really need help. And looking for third party HOTMAIL CUSTOMER CARE AUSTRALIA. Then you can call us on 0261003579. And speak with our technicians online. We have a dedicated HOTMAIL CUSTOMER CARE AUSTRALIA phone number for Australian users. But, if you are living outside Australia. Then you can contact us via chat as well on this website.


The simplest way to contact Hotmail Australia is by calling on 0261003579. Or by chatting with us online on this website. We can help you with your Hotmail email problems. If you are trying to reset your Hotmail password. Then you can do it online by going to the Microsoft website. You can enter your email address. And click on forgot password and follow the instructions. We wish if that was so simple. If it would have been such an easy task. Then anyone can help themselves. And there will be no reason of existence of tech support companies. We know very well that people will only contact for help when they cannot fix the problem themselves. So, we know that you already tried to do all that. And still not able to reset the password.

So, we will not bore you by telling you the old and useless steps of resetting the password online. You must have read lot of articles online for recovering your account. But you did not get any help by reading those articles. As those articles are only helpful when you already know your email password. Or when you already have your recovery mobile number and email address working. In case you have changed your mobile number. Or your recover email address is not working anymore. Then there is no article which can help you to fix the problem. You will need to speak to a human technician who can understand your situation. You do have an option to chat with Microsoft directly on their website. But chatting with Microsoft. Or putting your foot on axe is the same thing. You are only going to get your time wasted.

Moreover, it will give so much frustration after that. You can try yourself. And go to Microsoft if you do not believe us. You will come back to us saying that we were right. So, if you are concerned about your Hotmail account. And need real help and solution to your problems. Then contact our Hotmail Support helpline at 0261003579. We can look into your case. And inform you if it can be resolved or not. Most of the time, it is impossible to reset the password if you do not have recovery options available. So, call us now to check.


If you are using Hotmail emails. And lost all the emails suddenly. Then it must be a shock for you. You will be thinking that there were thousands of emails in your Hotmail account until yesterday. And everything is gone when you woke up this morning. This is not common when you have been using emails for years. So, you need to attend the situation immediately and call us. We will check why your emails have disappeared. And if they are still in your Hotmail account. Or if they have been deleted permanently. There are only two ways in which your emails can disappear. First is if you are using any Apple device. Such as iPhones, iPads or iPods. It has been seen that sometimes Apple iOS does not sync with Hotmail emails.

And you could lose a whole section of emails for last 3 or 6 months from your account. Those emails will be deleted permanently. And will vanish from your account. This is a problem with Apple iOS and devices. So, you cannot do much of it happens once in a while. On the other hand. Your emails can be manually deleted by someone if they have hacked into your account. If someone has accessed and hacked your account. Then they can delete all the emails from your account. So, you need to think of any suspicious activity which you might have noticed. While using your emails recently. You might have clicked on something in a Facebook message or in an email. Hackers these days will send you some photos on Facebook or in an email. And if you click on those pictures out of curiosity to check.

The very moment you click on those pictures, you get hacked. However, we can deal with it later. As our first priority should be to recover your Hotmail account and emails. We have to take quick actions before hackers can change your recovery options. As if the hackers change and remove your mobile number. Or recovery email address from your Hotmail account. Then it will be impossible for you to get back into your Hotmail account. And do not forget there is Microsoft to help you at first place. So, you are on your own. And Drida Infotech will do their best to fix the problem as soon as possible. If your emails have been deleted recently. Then we can check trash folder. And you might find your emails there. If you do not see any emails in the trash folder as well.

That means the hackers have deleted those emails from your trash. In that case, you need an expert advice. And call our technicians right away. We might be able to recover all those emails which have been deleted from the trash as well. You can quickly book an appointment with our technicians online by paying the service charges. Our technician will connect with your computer remotely to fix the problem online.


If you are using a Hotmail account. And want to change your recovery mobile number or email address. But do not know how to do that. Then contact our Hotmail technician now. And they can guide on how to set up recovery options for your Hotmail account. There can be two instances when you need to update your recovery options. One is when your mobile number. Or recovery email address has changed. And you want to update your new details. While you have access to your Hotmail account. The other instance is where you are logged out of your account. And you are not able to get back in. As your old phone number. Or recovery email address is still linked with your Hotmail account. In first case, you can call us. Our technicians can connect with your computer remotely. And get the new details updated online.

Also remember, in some cases, it can take 30 days before the new mobile number can be updated. For example, if you update your new mobile number today with your Hotmail account. Then your old number will still show up as recovery for next 30 days. Until it has been replaced by the new number. In the second case where you are logged out of your account. And do not have your old number working anymore. Then forget it as without that mobile number or email address. You will not be able to verify that this account belongs to you. But the question you should ask yourself is that why did Hotmail ask you to verify your identity at first place when you were using your Hotmail account all this time.

The verification gets triggered only when you are trying to login into your Hotmail account from a new IP address, new device or from a new location. So, think of which option is applicable in your case. Did you get a new device or you are travelling and using a different internet. Then that might be the reason due to which you need to verify your Hotmail account now. This kind of verification process is normal in Hotmail. But the main problem here is not with Hotmail. The main problem is that your old number is still linked with your Hotmail account. You were supposed to update your mobile number long before than this situation. Now, it might be too late for you. But it is worth giving a call to our technicians. So that we can study your situation in detail.

And offer you if there are any alternate solution to your email problem. The mobile number or recovery options can only updated or changed from within the account. So, if you think you can get your mobile number changed now without having access to your Hotmail account. Then it is possible only in the dreams. As Microsoft does not take your phone calls to help you. However, you can call Drida Infotech now on 0261003579.

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